photo wall

September 20, 2011

Update on the photo project: I have decided to skip buying a Polaroid camera. I've decided I really don't see myself lugging one of them around the neighborhood when I walk. Instead, I have become enamored with this machine, what I am affectionately referring to as the "Lady Gaga machine." It is not, in fact, her machine, but it is produced by her label. Nevertheless, I still plan to call it by my moniker. This photography exhibit in New York was all done with this device and is what inspired me to go this route. I can have the flexibility of the digital world, but still print images to look like Polaroids. I had to take down this six-foot long board that was mounted on our wall in order to free up space. I made this several years was quite laborious - measuring the distance between each nail and hammering them all in, knotting each yarn piece and crisscrossing them in a woven pattern. But it turned out pretty cool, I thought. However, time to make way for a new project.


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