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June 30, 2011

Here's the piece I'm donating for the "Force Fields" exhibit Saturday night. The exhibit is exploring the subjects of protection and sanctuary and will raise money to provide mosquito nets to people in Africa to help prevent malaria.

Artists were asked to depict a "force field." I generally don't do shows where you are asked to make art that fits a pre-determined theme, only because I never plan my art out ahead of time - I just don't work that way. But, even though I started this piece a bit randomly, I'm happy with the result and how it relates. Here's what I've gathered from looking at the finished piece:

The colored lines and blocks represent a force field that is imprinted on top of the black and white people. The words in the center (which happened accidentally, by the way), are "nobody tried to..." and relate to the photos which are depicting people of leisure...people playing golf, dining, etc. and not trying to help anyone other than themselves. The force field is intended to "bring them into color" (as is starting to happen with the woman) and shift their behavior. All of this seems to fit nicely with the theme of the evening and the subject of  trying to do something of significance.

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  1. Thank you for sharing your latest work. It is intriguing to read your take on the theme and see the results. Wonderful!

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