April 15, 2011

Usually my art doesn't have a lot of conscious meaning until it's done, and sometimes I don't even realize what the meaning is until later. Other times, work never takes on a conscious meaning to me. Even though I let go of the last piece, it actually did have some meaning for me as I was making it. I was reading back over my thoughts about it and decided to post them...

The overall feel of the piece was intended to be more urban in nature...graffiti on old papers, paint, pencil marks, etc. But there was also a plant that was growing in the midst of it, flourishing despite the gritty environment. Some of the leaves were etched out, but others remained vibrant. The grid work of the city was imposed over all of this. And even though this plant/tree was growing in the midst of the city, you had to look for it, as it was obscured at times. But once you had seen it, you learned to recognize it. The life it represented became familiar.

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