whole foods

January 11, 2011

Our local Whole Foods is right next to a 99 Cent store. I like both the visual contrast of the different store fronts as well as the diversity of people who tend to mingle out front. I heard one homeless guy walking in front of WF the other day muttering to his friend that it was "all organic and all that crap." I thought this was funny and very down to earth. Another conversation between a different homeless man and Dave (who was sitting in the WF cafe working one afternoon) went like this:

H.M.: "How much did you pay for that computer?"

Dave: "I don't know - I didn't buy it."

H.M.: "How much RAM is on there?"

Dave: "1GB"

H.M.: (disappointed sigh) "Not enough to play video games!"

I guess he would be in the high-tech homeless category.

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