December 13, 2010

Side note to photo below:

I heard some live music at Casa del Mar the other week and by far the highlight of the evening was an 89-year-old woman. She and an elderly gentleman (who I presumed to be her spouse, but who knows) got up to dance at every song. The band was called "Leftover Cuties" and was made up of 20 to 30-somethings, but played music that was definitely a throwback to another era. Not only was this woman completely uninhibited (as one would expect by the time you reach 89), but she was so clearly in love with dancing that it was a joy to watch. At one point she explained to a nearby table that she had been dancing since she was 17. She also added on, jokingly, that she didn't charge for entertainment. I appreciated her enthusiasm and zest for life - that is how I would like to be when I am old.

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