November 4, 2010

I always seem to find books for my projects in the most random places. Take Hawaii, for instance. Several years ago we were in Maui and accidentally came across this hole-in-the-wall bookstore in the middle of a huge sugar cane field. We had to take a dirt road to get to it and literally nothing else was around. There were TONS of old, used books just waiting to be taken. Most were free and others were like 50 cents or something. So I ended up loading up the trunk of our rental car with several of them. Of course, I had to limit myself as I needed to carry my selections on the plane. But it was a really amazing place.

Recently I have found more exciting old books (I realize this is not exciting for most people) in Ojai, a rural, mountainous town outside of LA and in San Luis Obispo, a town half-way up the coast between here and San Francisco. Each time I find myself loading up our trunk and wishing we were closer to home so I could keep coming back for more. This book from 1898 was kind of interesting 'cause it is so old...

Here is my latest stack in its entirety:

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