the stairs

October 13, 2010

There is a local set of narrow, steep, and rather grueling stairs on the north edge of Santa Monica that people frequently use for exercise. This set of stairs, known to locals as "the stairs," is a frequent place to spot celebrities and other celebrity wanna-bes, or just people who like to be seen while they exercise. I may exaggerate slightly, but not really. Like I've mentioned in a previous post, this rampant LA narcissism is rather annoying, but more often than not, just humorous. I did this rather long exercise loop the other day that happened to include these stairs (except I only went down and not up, does that count?). I found myself smiling and chuckling under my breath on the way down (which probably made people think *I* was weird) as I saw these huge, hulking bodies coming up (or tiny, waif-like ones), all super-serious and breathing heavily and looking VERY important. I don't think I could play that role if I tried. Well, ok, maybe if someone paid me to, I could pretend I was someone worth seeing too. But, since no one was paying me, I just made my way down and then merrily proceeded on my loop towards the ocean. Maybe when my exercise regimen has increased, I will revisit the stairs and actually go up. I will have to find some awesome-looking exercise outfit before then and practice my serious, intense, workout face. 🙂

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