October 2, 2010

Someone spoke to me the other week about the connection between the various creative outlets in my life. He used the analogy of a painter's palette, how as you dab in each paint color, the colors each work together and complement one another. He also compared it to bees who cross-pollinate as they zip from flower to flower. Each expression informs the other. I am finding these visual pictures helpful as I think about how music, writing, and art intersect in my life. Although music and writing are pretty much private outlets for me at this point, and visual art is the only one I've really made public, I look at the three areas somewhat equally in terms of their contribution to my overall artistic expression. It's like something gets unblocked in me when I have an idea or observation that I sit down and write about, or when I play a song where I feel moved by the notes and engage with my emotions. These both in turn give life to my art-making process. It reminds me to not discount what is hidden.

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