food trucks

October 1, 2010

Tonight I witnessed the LA food truck trend in full force. My brother and sister-in-law are in town, and so we've been visiting various LA spots, including Venice Beach (to see all the true California weirdos) and nearby Abbot-Kinney street, which is full of eclectic shops and cafes. Apparently tonight was also food truck night on Abbot-Kinney. There were scores and scores of trucks lining the street for blocks....more then I've ever seen in one spot. Every variety showed up - the happy ramen cup truck, the korean taco truck, the "comfort food" truck, the Japanese dumpling truck...grilled cheese truck, "shrimp pimp" truck, organic oasis truck (which happened to be solar-powered), and on and on and on they went. Sampling from this endless variety became part of our default dinner. I must admit I have always been a bit suspect of the hygiene standards on these traveling food emporiums, so I had to shove these thoughts aside for the sake of the experience. And, on the way back to the car, we conveniently passed a whole set of production trucks for a tv show that was being filmed just blocks away, nicely rounding out our authentic LA experience for the evening.

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