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August 26, 2010

We were down at the Santa Monica pier tonight for their weekly free music concerts that take place every Thursday throughout the summer. Tonight was Beatles night and a band was playing their songs (and speaking with fake British accents and wearing wigs, which made the whole thing a bit corny, but amusing). This band was followed by some other sort of band, don't know their name, who played some Led Zeppelin-ish kind of music...very hard rock-like. And it was a pretty big mood changer, to say the least. In comparison, the Beatles' songs were so upbeat, innocent, entertaining. Like, I want to hold your hand. So simple. And then the rocker group came on and everything became all angsty, uncomfortable and discontent. It was quite the contrast. And it makes you wonder why music from eras long gone was so much happier sounding.  So, since we didn't feel like getting all angry, we left the rockers to do their thing. But not before getting a churro, which for some reason is becoming a habit when I'm on the pier. Can't go wrong with fried dough and free music.

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