August 11, 2010

I really enjoyed my coffee tonight. Latte, to be exact. It was from Intelligentsia, a coffee shop over in Venice. Admittedly, the people who generally frequent this coffee locale are a bit too tragically hip, but it does make for interesting people watching. Extreme hipsters aside, the coffee is really, really good. And so are their desserts. I can recommend their "cakewhich." It's like a gourmet ho-ho.

So the fact that I enjoyed my visit to this coffee shop enough to blog about it must mean something. Because I am not one who normally gets excited about food or drinks. In fact, I rarely do. Well, I guess desserts would be an exception. But generally I am what you would call a "maintenance eater." I eat to survive. But I'd much rather get the eating over with so I can go and do something more interesting with my time. Coincidentally, my husband is this way too. So food in our house is pretty much a non-event. In some ways this makes things easy, because neither of us really care what we eat. We are not at all picky. Anything that is easy and fast and at least semi-healthy is pretty much satisfactory. So food becomes a check-off, check, dinner's done with. Now I can resume what I really want to be doing.

Anyway, my latte really was enjoyable. So the fact that I, as a non-foody, am bothering to state this means it probably was quite good. Fyi, for you locals.

5 comments on “intelligentsia”

    1. I did not know that! Good information. There are actually a lot of Chicago people in LA. Someone told me that when we moved down here, and I have found pockets of them here and there. Just goes to show that all good things come out of Chicago. πŸ™‚

  1. My husband dubbed my food relationship as "refueling" much like your maintenance eating. Like you though I really like desserts. The gourmet ho ho sounds awesome! Eat one for me next time you go there.

  2. This blog entry makes me hungry. And it makes me want to figure out what else out here is Chicago-influenced! πŸ˜‰

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