July 28, 2010

When I saw this jeep the other week, it reminded me of my dad. And specifically the jeep we had when I was a kid. I remember really liking riding in it with the top off. I liked the wind blowing through my hair, I like the overall rugged feel of it, and I liked the sense of adventure I felt when riding in it.

Our family dog, Dixie, is also tied to my memory of the jeep. She was an extremely hyper-active dog. So much so that she could actually leap over our 6-foot high fence in the backyard. This, of course, was a problem in the suburbs. Specifically, I remember taking her with my dad in the jeep to some remote area with a big grassy expanse to let her run around and try to use up her excess energy. I'm not sure if this approach solved her energy problem, but for me it became associated with a fun ride.

I have always liked jeeps ever since. I especially like the idea of taking one off-road somewhere and climbing some wild, rugged terrain. That sounds fun to me and rather exhilarating. Another little known fact about me.

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