July 25, 2010

A large-scale installation is in me, waiting to come out. I can feel it. I admired this one a while back done by an artist we knew in the bay area, Erik Otto. I have had ideas for large-scale creations since I first began making art. I even started a list of "wall ideas," creative endeavors that would need entire walls to be executed. Some day I hope to have this opportunity. There is something that feels so freeing about working on a massive wall. Or even an entire room, or series of rooms, like this solo exhibit at Subliminal Projects that I checked out this week. A little daunting too. But kind of exciting.

For now, I continue on with my very small-scale projects, which happen to fit the size of my working and living space very well. 🙂  But I want to continue to have a vision for a large-scale installation someday. I believe it will happen. And when it does, I will let you know.

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