look at me, please

July 20, 2010

Normally I don't post this kind of thing, but I must share one of the big irritations of LA living. And it is the vast number of narcissistic people who seem to dwell here. I guess that would come as no surprise to some. And nothing can illustrate this narcissism better than people parading around, lounging, or posing (yes, all of these verbs ring true) with very little on. And I'm not talking about at the beach, where this kind of behavior is accepted. I'm talking about in public spaces, gardens, parks, what have you, and not even on sweltering days. On days that are mild, or even overcast, I see this behavior. For example, there was a man I used to see in a public park (a rose garden, to be exact) not far away who would go and stand by one of the benches and sculpt his shirtless body into a pose. He actually looked like a body builder (and he probably was), but his skin would be all slicked down and oily looking and he would just stand there, arms on his hips, or in the air, or whatever. And I was like...what??? What is this behavior and who ARE you? I really don't care to look at your body, no matter how sculpted it is. I find it distracting and disturbing on many levels. And yes, humorous as well. But I mean, come on. What is it with this desperate need for attention?

Today I saw a woman in a bikini in a park....by herself, sitting and posing. Not sun bathing. Not hanging out with other people in swimwear who maybe just came from a pool or something. It was not hot today. Maybe 69 degrees? She wore a big hat and sunglasses and was sitting close to the busy street, perfectly posed, staring at the traffic as it passed by. I just find this extreme narcissism and "look at me, I'm beautiful and want attention" attitude annoying. I have not experienced it to this degree in any other city I've ever lived in or visited. In fact, I never experienced it in Chicago. I guess it is one of the more accurate stereotypes about LA, at least about some people here anyway. And one I try to block out as much as possible. 🙂

3 comments on “look at me, please”

  1. Did you ever see the "Angelyne" billboards? A local woman actually advertised herself on billboards and drove around in a pink Corvette with her name on the vanity plate (of course!). She was truly an over-the-top poster child (pun intended) to this *aspect* of L.A.

  2. Just reading your post leaves me feeling a bit distressed and disturbed by what you are describing.

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