June 24, 2010

Well, I now have a tattoo. Does this mean I have become a real artist? 🙂 Just kidding. It's been a long time coming. I am a processor, so I think about decisions for a long time. At least ones like this, that are rather permanent (although I know even tattoos can be removed nowadays). But, I also am able to sense when the time is right, and the time became right. I am lucky that the symbol I had tattooed on myself means something too. At first I was ambivalent about doing something with meaning. And the design I found in my old journal (something I sketched loosely years ago) didn't have any apparent meaning at first. But then, over a few weeks time, the meaning just came to me.

That seems to happen with all my art. Meaning comes afterwards. I kind of like that. It's like I'm on a treasure hunt. And the worth of each item I find on the hunt becomes evident only after I have picked it up, not before. So I need to act in faith a bit. Hmm. This is making me think. It's nice to trust something other than myself. To know I'm not completely on my own.

3 comments on “tattoo”

  1. Hello my artist friend! I can’t wait to see the design … where is the photo? Will you design tatoos for others too …. maybe I’ll do it too … someday …. more likely if you design it 🙂

    1. It's cool that your tattoo is an original piece of art that you created! Can't wait to see it. Where is the tattoo? Like Margaret said, I'd love to see a photo of it and hear more of the meaning behind the symbol.

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