June 22, 2010

Sunday afternoon I started painting little things around the house...our black lamp cord white, our blond couch legs dark brown. And the more small things I painted, the more it got me thinking how I have not painted anything on the walls in our current condo. I had a LOT of fun with paint on the walls at our old condo, as you can see below (forgive the poor quality photos). I painted all kinds of designs, free form, on almost every wall. To the point where, even I admit, it got a little overwhelming. When it came time to sell, I had to paint over a lot of things just to give some sense of calm and basic appeal to the average buyer.

I think the reason I haven't painted anything on the walls in our current place is in part due to the size. I think white walls can be helpful in a very small space to make it feel bigger. Or, maybe I am just lazy. Either way, I enjoyed even the small transformation of our lamp cord and couch legs. Now I'm thinking about what else I can paint. I very much like changing things around once in a while.

One comment on “walls”

  1. Great pics, thanks for sharing!
    Just the other day I was "rearranging" some things at my place to mix things up a bit... perhaps inspired by the change of season?

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