oxo tower

June 2, 2010

On our way to visit the Tate Modern (which I am saving as the last London blog post, as it was the BEST), we accidentally discovered OXO Tower along the River Thames, an industrial complex full of all these art and design studios. There were several floors, connected by this cool staircase:

brick wall facing the building:

It was so much fun to walk around and peek into people's studios, seeing them at work on their products, happily designing away.

felt textiles:

cool lamps:

other fun products:

I would LOVE to work in a creative complex like this someday. Actually, there is one that is somewhat similar here in LA called the Brewery, although it is predominantly fine art studios, not design studios. (FYI, for those of you in LA, I very highly recommend their art walk - it happens twice a year). To be surrounded by so many creative people making an array of fascinating things would be quite inspirational.

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