May 19, 2010

I mentioned in a previous blog post how much visual stimulation I get from taking a walk through the neighborhood - living in a more urban area does that for you. People themselves are also far more visually interesting here than the last place I lived (bay area - silicon valley, to be exact). I remember people up there looking at me funny if I went out wearing a hat. Well, not down here. I love this about big cities and their surrounding neighborhoods. And even though LA has its own stereotype of fashion (heavily dominated by Hollywood, unfortunately, at least in the press), there are plenty of people who buck this norm and express themselves with all kinds of interesting fashion choices.

So this makes people watching here very interesting. And it helps that I happen to like clothes. Not that I would describe myself as some sort of fashionista. My pragmatic Midwestern roots will keep me from that. But I like finding clothing that is interesting - particularly at thrift stores. They are the best places to find unique items for super cheap. And whenever I am feeling a bit of a creative lull, I like that I can go out and find some interesting people to watch. I think taking in creativity in any form helps you as an artist, no matter how unrelated it may be to what you make. Visual stimulation of any kind is good for keeping things fresh.

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