May 9, 2010

I'm realizing the longer I live that arriving is a myth. This truth is both uncomfortable and freeing at the same time. And also immensely challenging. The reality is there is always more to explore, more to navigate, and more to grow and become. More to change. Without trying to be too cliché, life is a journey, not a destination. A saying that is rather trite from overuse, but imbedded with truth. And the problem is, we all too often want to arrive. Arrival means security. Control. Accomplishment. But yet in the end, we must hold all things loosely. Not that we don't achieve things along the way. But I think in the end, life is more about becoming.

So, too, is art. As artists, we must be willing to explore new territory and let go of what is familiar and safe. That is what creativity is about. We have to let our creations morph into something new, if and when that is called for. When we purposely resist change, we can easily grow stagnant and cautious. And possibly run the risk of becoming boring or even stuck. When we give into the idea that we have arrived, we are then faced with the temptation to cease growing.

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