April 18, 2010

I like watching our neighbors from our kitchen window. Not that I am trying to be all creepy and spy on them. But since I'm at the sink several times a day, I can't help but notice their comings and goings. I like this couple because they have a creative aura about them, but are older. Older, meaning late 50's or 60's. Which, for me, in my mid-30's, still qualifies as older. 🙂 I often see the woman spray painting or nailing things together in the courtyard. The man dresses in a somewhat odd, but interesting way, frequently wearing hats (not baseball caps, but hats with style) and suspenders. Often they are carrying paint brushes or odd-looking tools. They just have a very creative air about them.

It's one of the things I like so much about where I live. While there are plenty of young creative types wandering around, you really do see at least as many, if not more, older ones too. And I like this. 'Cause it gives me a bit of a glimpse into my future, or what I imagine my future looking like. I plan to be doing something creative until I die, so it's cool to be in a community that supports people of all ages pursuing art of one form or another.

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