March 29, 2010

Here's a little known fact about me: I primarily see with only one eye. A little freaky, I know. Apparently my left eye is not correctable. I can see out of it, but not clearly. So basically I use my right eye for everything.

Not that big of a deal, I suppose, but it affects my art-making. Like today, for example. I am doing a lot of fine detail drawing on my latest piece, and because I only use my one eye, it wears out quickly. I'd like to keep going and finish this piece - I have good momentum building. But my eye is starting to lose its ability to focus. So now I am forced to take a break while it recalibrates. This is annoying to me and rather frustrating. But, perhaps the pace at which my eyes allow me to create is the pace at which I am to go.

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  1. I never knew this about you but then not sure when it would come up in conversation. I appreciate your perspective on how it maybe sets the pace for your art vs. being frustrated by the limitation.

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