mixed brew group show

March 22, 2010

Artwork for this show is being installed today! There is an opening event on Saturday, April 3rd, at 7pm. Live music, light food and entertainment to be provided. $3 donation encouraged.

I like supporting community events. Finding communities where people still know each other, hang out in local spots, and share a sense of commonality is becoming rare. It's one of the things I liked about how this show came together. A couple of the participating artists know the owner well, hang out at this coffee house regularly, and seem to know many of the other patrons. A few of the regulars who heard us discussing the show the other week turned out to be musicians who volunteered to play at the event, as well as hook us up with some other bands they know. The whole thing was reminiscent of a small town vibe. People being friendly, helping one another out, collaborating. Nice, in this day and age when the norm is to pass one another anonymously on the street.

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