March 19, 2010

One of the things I like about living in a more urban area again is the amount of visual stimulation you get just from taking a stroll through the neighborhood. I'm fortunate to live somewhere with a high concentration of artistic people. I especially enjoy walking through the alleys that dot the neighborhood, particularly in Venice. Not only do people leave out interesting trash, but you tend to come across strange garage doors, entryways, graffiti art, etc. Here are a few iphone shots from today.

sunny entryway

intriguing doorway to somewhere

"collaged" wood garage door

license plate facade...wish I was taller!

silly dog

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  1. I love your photos from when you walk around. I saw a whole side of a house covered in license plates when I was in Seattle and didn't have my camera but maybe next time I go I'll have to take a shot to show you. It definitely caught my attention since it was in a pretty nice neighborhood. I wonder what the neighbors think!

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