Karen Kinney

Karen Kinney is a mixed media artist living and working in Los Angeles. Her detailed and textural work has been in numerous exhibitions, both nationally and internationally, and resides in private collections across the country, including those of actor Bob Odenkirk and NPR's Guy Raz. She is an advocate of public art and has completed installation work for the Los Angeles International Airport. She also beautifies communities through painting, and has designed murals for neighborhoods in LA and in Mexico.

She likes to use a variety of materials as she creates, or at least have the option to. This is because she is a very tactile person and is drawn to how things feel and how they transform as they are pasted down. She likes sawing wood, mixing paints, and drawing in precise detail.

Her work often begins with a paint stroke, a shred of paper, or some ink scratches on pages taken from old books. The use of vibrant colors is important to her, as it contributes to the feeling of something new emerging from what has been discarded. In addition to small-scale collages, she also creates large installations using paper of all kinds, book covers, wood pieces and an assortment of other recycled materials.

When not making art, Karen can be found writing, drinking coffee, and thinking deep thoughts while walking by the ocean. She has recently released her first book, The Reluctant Artist: Navigating and Sustaining a Creative Path, in which she discusses the creative process in depth.